(Incomplete) List of scientific inspection tools
  • Detect - Inspection Tool developed by Fraunhofer IESE

(Incomplete) List of free inspection tools
  • QAPlug - IntelliJ IDEA plug-in for managing code quality.
  • CodeStriker - perl CGI Script that supporty collaborative code review.
  • AgileReview - Eclipse plug-in for conducting code reviews.
  • CheckStyle - Tool for automatic code-style checking.
  • ASSIST - Tool for defining and enforcing own inspection processes with IPDL.
  • ARM (Automated Requirement Measurement Tool) - Tool for assessing requirements with the help of indicator keywords.
  • Reviewclipse - Code Review Plug-in for Eclipse
  • Jupiter - Code Review Plug-in for Eclipse

(Incomplete) List of commercial inspection tools
  • CodeCollaborator (SmartBear Software)
  • Test Complete (SmartBear Software)
  • QAComplete (SmartBear Software)
  • CodeSurfer (GrammaTech)
  • Callis Reviewer (Callis)
  • JTest (Parasoft)
  • C++Test (Parasoft)
  • Insure++ (Parasoft)
  • dotTest (Parasoft)
  • Rational Sofware Analyzer (IBM)
  • Understand (Scitools)
  • ProjectCodeMeter (ProjectCodeMeter Software)
  • Crusable (Atlassian)

Tool lists

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